The world of Yaneth’lei is a strange and wonderful environment, where items and spells don’t always work as land-dwellers might expect.  For the sake of simplicity, many mechanics will work identically for characters who live above or below the waves (such as movement speed, visibility under normal conditions, etc.).  However, there are a few notable differences.  Following are a list of important things the adventurers have discovered so far about their world:

Physical Damage:

  • Melee weapons that don’t deal piercing damage take a -2 to hit and deal only half damage.
  • Thrown weapons are completely ineffective underwater.  All other ranged weapons take a -2 to-hit penalty, on top of the weapon’s range increments (default is 30′).

Magical Damage:

  • Sonic damage is automatically empowered (x1.5).
  • Electrical damage is automatically area-of-effect.  (The effects are copied for all creatures in a 30-ft. burst.  If it is a ranged touch attack, the same attack roll and damage is applied to all creatures in that area.  If it forces a Reflex save, all applicable creatures make that save.)
  • Fire spells require a caster-level check of 20+level of the spell (if one has not taken the Steam Magic feat).
  • Certain light spells really hurt (Reflex save vs. Damage and Blindness).


  • Glowing mushrooms may be easily found in areas of warmer water, and grant a 10′ area of light.  Once plucked, they are good for one day of illumination before they shrivel up.
  • Glowing jellyfish can be trained and used with the Handle Animal skill, and function as a torch (light for 30′).
  • Since potions cannot be drunk underwater, their counterparts are usually edible plant life (such as berries) enchanted with the appropriate spells.
  • Temperature gradients may require Fortitude checks against hypothermia.

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